drupalthemes came into existence because I wasn’t satisfied with the sellers fee on other websites. I wanted to sell non-exclusive on one of the biggest theme/module markets and had to give away almost ⅔ of the income to the platform. When the author gets less money than the platform selling his product, something is definitively wrong. So drupalthemes was created.

As a Free Software enthusiast, I also wasn’t completely happy with the license I had to chose with said platform. It was a split license where the code was under the GPL v2 and everything else was copyrighted (i.e. images). In contrast, drupalthemes respects the user’s freedom and all themes are sold completely under the GPL v2 or later. We are so serious about this, that all our themes are LibreJS-compliant.

With that approach, we are a unique place to sell Drupal themes. Hence, we have less themes than many other marketplaces. We value quality before quantity—and are increasing the numbers of our products steadily. As of now, all our themes are developed by a front-end web developer with more than 15 years of experience in the field. When you buy a theme on our site, you know what you get: quality and freedom.